Black Mountain - Hair Song

On that note....good nite everybody

Missoni X S. Pellegrino

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You think you know menswear? Think again! NON Spring/Summer 2011 challenges your conventional views of menswear and blows your mind. Check out NON's website.

Louis Vuitton:100 Legendary Trunks

To mark the opening of the exhibition "a Journey Into The Capital, Louis Vuitton and Paris" at the Carnavalet Museum on October 13th, 2010, Louis Vuitton will release a book to capture the Louis Vuitton Trunk as one of the most iconic travel accessories in luxury.

This is definitely one for the collection!

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Stone Island Liquid Reflective Jacket

THIS IS SO SICK! I need this jacket from Stone Island.....


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Kylie Covers Hurts Wonderful Life....amazing!

One of my all-time favorite artists, Kylie Minogue, for BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge, covers one of my favorite new bands, HURTS. It doesn't get much better than this. Listen to it once with your eyes open...then listen to it again with your eyes closed. Simply beautiful!

Can't wait to see Kylie on tour in the states again! Also where can I find the new Hurts album...I NEED IT!


BOYS OF THE FUTURE - Illustrator Spiro Halaris

Illustrator Spiro Halaris illustrates some of the best of menswear runways. I particularly like the realistic proportions on these illustrations. My favorite is probably Damir Doma.


Pastries of Paris - PARIS LOOKS DELICIOUS!

I love Paris. I love Pastries. Logic dictates that I should love Parisian Pastries! Well, I don't ascribe to traditional logical reasoning! Alright, alright, I'm kidding. I do love this editorial by Graphic Designer Susan Hochbaum. The best of all worlds! These photo comparisons of famous Parisian landmarks and designs with pastries are mouth watering. Love the composition and the colors in many of the photos. Damn, my sweet tooth is aching!

Enjoy! But probably you shouldn't be reading this on an empty stomach....

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PRADA "MADE IN... " Capsule Collection

PRADA is launching a capsule collection collaborating with artisans from around the world, using traditional craftsmanship, materials, and local manufacturing practices.

"Prada Made in Scotland" will be a collection of traditional tartan wool kilts from U.K.workshops using traditional manufacturing and weaving techniques.

"Prada Made in India" is the label for a collection of handmade garments from workshops that specialize in Chikan, one of the most ancient Indian embroidery. Items will consist of handmade ballerina flats, woven sandals and artisinal handbags.

A series of jeans produced by Dova, a leading denim manufacturer, will carry the label "Prada Made in Japan." The trousers can be custom ordered in four different varieties of cloth and seven different washes, making every article one of a kind.

"Prada Made in Peru" is a line of alpaca wool knitwear from the most traditional workshops of Peru.

What a concept! Who says that craftsmanship is long gone? I'm especially looking forward to "Made In Japan" and "Made In Peru".

Products available in stores in 2011.

More information can be found at COOL HUNTING

Wonderland Editorial - September/October 2010


George Fischer's Surrealism

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Evian X Issey Miyake

This is not the first time Evian has done a collaboration with a fashion house. The list includes Paul Smith, Christian LaCroix, John Paul Gaultier....etc. I especially love the bright colors and refreshing feel of the Issey Miyake bottle and how the bottle is unwrapped in pleated petals in the video.

New Yorker iPad App - Jason Schwartzman

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Loden Dager - Fall 2010 video

Loden Dager Video Fall 2010 from Société Vellocet on Vimeo.

Vogue CFDA Finalist Loden Dager brings you a short video on their Fall 2010 collection. Great music and great fashion.

"Vogue CFDA finalist" has a nice ring to it. ONE OF THESE DAYS...it'll be me! (got to dream!)

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Tom Sachs X Colette - Stanley Kubrick Tape Measure

French taste and fashion cultivators Colette stocks a limited supply of these Stanley Kubrick tape measure from Contemporary artist Tom Sachs. At 250 Euros a pop, it's bit pricey. But I love the "Kubrick is Dead". Subversive, humorous, practical...why not?!

If I ever needed a tape measure of this type, I would definitely consider this piece. Of course, I would never actually use it, at least not for the intended purpose.

More close up images below:


I AM HERE - Fiasco Magazine Editorial

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An Illustrated Look At Modern Menswear - Richard Kilroy

Richard Kilroy illustrates some of F/W 2010 bests in Menswear for PonyStep. I love the simplification of the shapes and the details he chose to portray in each picture. Looks like charcoal drawings....but I could be wrong.

I'm sure one of these weekends I'll get around to illustrating again.... so much to do, so little time! I do miss drawing though. We do some much design work on the computer these days, it'll be great to be able to create with my hand again.

In the meantime, be inspired by these beautiful illustrations.

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