Porsche Design Advent Calendar - XMAS TIME! (I wish)

So, remember those advent calendars with the little crappy gifts and disgusting chocolate inside...well, Porsche wants you to forget that! Why not have a Porsche Xmas?!

This 6 foot tall aluminum box is the advent calender reinvented....with really expensive gifts. All the boxes are filled with items from Porsche Design, including P'6910 mechanic stopwatch, cuff links, sunglasses, a FULL P'7340 kitchen, and a Mercury engine Motor Yacht. How did they get a kitchen and a full motor yacht into the little boxes? No idea, but hey, can't blame them for trying.

At a cool million $, only 5 of these will be made. I'm not expecting there to be a line outside the Porsche Design store to place orders but definitely, for Porsche enthusiasts with expendable cash, this will be an amazing gift.

Below, find some images of the gifts inside.

Source: Autoblog

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