UTE PLOIER Spring / Summer 2012 Menswear Campaign Images

UTE PLOIER just dropped their Spring / Summer 2012 Menswear Campaign images.  Beautifully shot in black and white.  Enjoy.

Camo River Spring / Summer 2012 Menswear Lookbook

Italian luxe label Camo River spring/summer 2012 menswear lookbook is rugged and wearable.  Cultivated looks that are at the same time natural, the outfits are effortless and very Italian.  I never knew the woods can look so good.

From the website:

This collection is inspired by the river “Cervo”.
It runs across the valley, into the Biellese area.
The river, just as human life, has a winding and articulated way.
It has its birth, in this case, from the lake “Lago della Vecchia”, then it goes through small villages and cities ending its course by jumping into the sea.
The flow, as a simbol of life.
For us the river “Cervo” is as important as any other river , torrent, or stream.

More looks below:


Perfecto Brand by Schott Spring / Summer 2012 Menswear Lookbook

Perfecto Brand by Schott Spring / Summer 2012 Menswear Lookbook shows us that Americana...is still here to stay.  With Northeastern sporting clubs and railroads serving as the backdrop for the lookbook, the looks are strong with highlight in the outerwear category and the Billy Kirk collaboration bag. 

More images below:

Wood Wood Spring / Summer 2012 Menswear Lookbook

For Wood Wood, the Spring/Summer 2012 menswear season’s looks are inspired by the many different moods and vibes experienced on various trips through Southern California. Touring along the scenic coastlines and staring out into the water, driving through the streets of Los Angeles and smoking peyote in the desert are all reflected in the colors, prints, cuts and fabrics used throughout the collection.

Key silhouettes include hooded windbreaker jackets, baggy pants and cargo shorts. Poplin short sleeved shirts, ultra slim-fitting spats and swimwear, alongside jumpsuits, long robes and bomber jackets are styled with multi-colored printed scarves, army bags and baseball caps for a casual look.

Loving Wood Wood for SS 12!


Question: The Man Clutch?

It's not a new concept but the "Man Clutch" has definitely been making its way back into the sartorial rounds.  With technology getting smaller and smaller, eg. ipads, tablets, blackberrys, iphones, etc... men are inclined to carry less and in smaller bags.  In fact, when I was on vacation last week, I spend a better part of that week scouring all the boutiques to find a suitable one for me.  Even my go-to MAN BAG stores (Bottega Veneta, Dior Homme, Hermes, YSL) did not have what I needed.  Also, the search for the coveted Celine clutch ended with a "No, Celine is not carried in the states anymore.  Blame NY!" (SHOCK + HORROR!)  I ended up at Balenciaga where the only comparable version is their laptop bag.  What's a boy to do?!  Perhaps I may have to just make one!

What are your thoughts on the subject?  Would you rock a clutch?  Are you man enough to carry a man clutch?!

Below, find amazing inspirations from around the world carried by some of the most fashionable and stylish menswear icons.