We're On Vacation 'Till 2011! Happy New Year In Advance!

We're on vacation 'till 2011! It would sound even more awesome if it wasn't the 29th of December. Oh well, c'est la vie.

Standard Deviation wishes you a happy and amazing new year in advance!!


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UNDER THE INFLUENCE #8 - GEORGE- A Short Fashion Film: Still Photographs

To follow up on the film GEORGE-A Short Fashion Film for Under The Influence Magazine #8: The Daddy Issue, Benjamin Bouchet released several photographic images. I think they are stunning and I love the high concept behind the visual merchandising of amazing accessories. BEAUTIFUL & CLEVER!

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From Under The Influence Magazine #8: The Daddy Issue comes GEORGE - A Short Film On Fashion directed by Benjamin Bouchet and Thomas Crauk.

Visually very interesting ... and very "art house" film-ish in its nature and musical soundtrack. Definitely high concept.

Source: CQC


Krane Accessories

I love Canada based Krane. All handmade and manufactured in factories in Canada, the brand's aesthetic is edgy and forward. One of my favorite pieces from them was a harness I had bought a couple of seasons ago.... compliments every time I have it on.

More images at Krane. Also check out the menswear line...also edgy and forward...but still very wearable.

Source: Number A

RAF'S ARMY - Dazed & Confused Film

I am a huge fan of Raf Simons and I think he has done an amazing job of pushing menswear in the right direction for the last 15 years. In the latest issue of Dazed & Confused (January 2011), we get a special film celebrating the 15 year anniversary shot by Pierre Debusschere titled, Raf's Army.

Enjoy. More images below the video

Gadgets Anatomy Series - Mads Peitersen's Illustration Series

I was taught in art school that in order to be able to draw something well, you have to have 3D vision and be able to visualize the internal structure/skeletal make-up. For Danish Artist, Mads Peitersen, this was definitely is the case as he imagines some of our modern day technologies' inners...complete with rib cages, organs and all.

Humanizing technology...what a concept!

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Black Swan Movie Posters by LaBoca

I haven't had the time to make it out to see Black Swan yet due to being sick and crazy busy at work. I've been dying to do so though. So I will make it a point to put that on my list of things to do during my Holiday vacation....and by vacation, I mean the weekend.

London based design studio LaBoca has designed several movie posters for Black Swan. From the color palette to the layout, these movie posters are beautiful and artful, definitely worthy of the acclaimed film.

More images below:

Source: Trendland


MADE MAN - Shot by Isa Jacob For The Ones2Watch

For the Ones2Watch, Isa Jacob shot Andreas, Esben, Martin, Peter Beyer, Sylvester Henriksen and Theo in an editorial titled "MADE MAN".

I'm sorta feeling the Clockwork Orange eye.... perhaps it's time to get into a Kubrick mood.

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