J. Crew Madison Ave Men's Store - Video Tour

From A Continuous Lean and Sean Sullivan, we have an inside, afterhours look at the J. Crew Madison Ave Men's store. J. Crew in the last couple of seasons have really step it up. Under the direction of men's Creative Director Frank Muytjens have revolutionized and modernized the brand.

Men's Fall 2010 Collection

The women's fall 2010 collection is also beautiful. Lots to come from J. Crew in the next couple of seasons. The future looks bright.

Women's FALL 2010 Collection

Source: Hypebeast

Shameless self promotion Tuesday - ME ME ME!

Sometimes...you gotta put yourself out there to get where you want to go. Especially in the current economic environment, personal branding becomes extremely important.

But recently, somebody else has been doing a promo for me. In the past two weeks, I've been featured twice on the portfolio site, COROFLOT. I am honored and thankful for their call out. Below, please find the images that they responded to.... do you like them?

Check out my portfolio @ Coroflot
Illustration work For a menswear group I designed

TKDK - Spring 2011
Also find me here:

SKIN GRAFT - Spring 2011

Skin Graft is an amazing leather fashion company based out of LA.

I was dying to talk to them when I went to Magic/Capsule/ENK in Vegas a couple of weeks ago because I really do admire their work and the craft. However, for some reason, I couldn't find them (even though they were on the exhibitor's list)! I have always been intrigued by leatherwork and it's one of the reasons I got into fashion in the first place. The smell, the feel, the treatments....drool....

I would love to work for this company....so, if you are listening....call me! - Menswear fashion designer experienced and passionate about leather..... Just kidding but not really. Seriously, call me!

Below, find more amazing images....

SKIN GRAFT F/W 2010 look book....also amazing!

Ferris wheel to be erected in Beverly Hills for Fashion's Night Out. One night only!!!

I guess I have been under a rock...because how can I miss this?! I guess I have been so focused on the events happening on Abbot Kinney that I completely didn't see this. A ferris wheel to be erected on the 200 block of Rodeo offering free rides (with receipt from participating retailer)... for one night only. Also, food trucks will be in attendance....strange, because last I heard, the city of Beverly Hills was given the gourmet food trucks a very hard time.

Here's a quick break down of events in BH.

Samuel L. Jackson @ Giorgio Armani
Free manicures @ Chanel
La Coste - Wii Tennis Tournament
Casino night @ Valentino
Limited Edition G- Bag @ Tod's
Pearl Stringing Demostrations @ Mikimoto
DJs Super Mash Bros @ Emporio Armani
DJ Rick Khan @ Roberto Cavalli

Sounds like so much fun. Can't wait for FNO! Now, to decided between Beverly Hills or Abbot Kinney.

Source: LA Times

A Current Affair - POP-UP vintage marketplace

A Current Affair is a pop-up vintage marketplace that will kick off the night of Fashion's Night Out in Los Angeles and last two days. Held at the Cooper Design Building penthouse in Downtown LA and curated by Joey Grana of Scout and other private vintage dealers, this event is sure to be one to hit. Cost of admission is $10 but I have a feeling that it will be well worth your money. Add this to your FNO plans!


H&M F/W 2010 Video Lookbooks

Very directional for H&M. So far, I really like what I see. We'll see when it drops in store what the quality is like. For website, click here.

Automotivated - Fashion X Cars

Titled Automotivated: Streamlined Fashion and Automobilies, the collaborative exhibit between Phoenix Art Museum and LA's Peterson's Automotive Museum attempts to demonstrate the relationship that existed in the fashion and automotive reals of the early 20th century.

Things to do for the weekend in LA! Exhibit through January 23rd, 2011.

Source: Apparel News

A Nod to Tailoring - Oxxford Clothing

I remember in the Senior year at Otis, we spent 6 weeks in studio tailoring and hand sewing a tailored jacket. I remember my fingers raw and destroyed from the countless hours of feather stitching and the many hours I spent in front of the industrial iron refining steaming techniques so I can get the wool to mold and shape just the right way gave my face a semi permanent blush.

Steps I naively thought were made work like thread tracing and tailor tacking turned out to save my life and resulted in the perfect hang. Did you know to let a wool relax after a good steam could take up to 24 hours? Also, did you know that if you put an INVISIBLE prick stitch with a Japanese silk thread on the outside edge the jacket is a million times more tailored than if you didn't (well, a million may be a bit much)? As my haute couture trained studio teacher said to me, "You don't see it, but you DO see it. Do you see?" I learned so much on this project about menswear and the fine points of a tailored piece.

My jacket, in the end, turned out to be a masterpiece (A!) and all the hardwork was worth it.

The video above was released from Oxxford Clothing. I have the highest respect for these craftsmen and what's better is they are US based. Since 1916, leading men have worn Oxxford and many consider them to be the finest tailored suits with the highest quality. My hat goes off to you.

Source: ACL


Shepard Fairey - Printed Matters Opening



Tomas Maier, Caroline Herrera, and Mystery Designer for H&M?!

Could it be true? Tomas Maier (Chief Creative Director of Bottega Veneta and his own luxury namesake line) and Carolina Herrera to be the next designers to do a capsule collaboration with the swedish fast fashion house H&M?

H&M released this teaser video on their facebook page....it is for sure Tomas Maier! Well, we won't know for sure until Sept. 9th...but come on....duh! Is it all a trick? The second video seems to be Carolina....but is it?! And who is the mystery designer in the third video?! I must know!

With fast fashion dominating the global fashion market place right now....H&M is leading the pack. Can't wait for Sept. 9 to find out who these collabs are!

Shear Innovation...Marie Antoinette Wigs from Saran Wrap

Kate Cusack, a Brooklyn based Costume/Jewelry designer wants you to have an "a-ha" moment. These amazing Marie Antoinette wigs are made from household saran wrap! I don't know about an "a-ha" moment but when I saw these, I definitely had a "wow" moment.

She is also known for her zipper jewelry. Below, an example of a zipper necklace that is just out of this world. Working with unconditional materials....she makes pieces that are polished and elegant and fun.

Link to her website here.


I've been reviewing a lot of F/W 2010 as I'm working on previews and intiatives for F/W 2011 and Burberry is definitely one of my favorites. Since 2009, Christopher Bailey has radically modernized and breathed new life into this iconic English brand. I want everything in this collection x 2 (and that includes everything in the womenswear show)! Everything is fresh in this show, from silhouette to trim to color to music. Thank you Christopher Bailey for waking me up on a Monday. Campaign photos and runway videos below. Be INSPIRED.

Burberry is also well known for their online social media efforts. A great example is their ART OF TRENCH website. This is an amazing capsule website about the iconic trench and if you are not familiar with it, you should really check it out. It gives the history, recently collaborations, and you can even filter images by gender, color, weather and styling! The music is great too!

Can you spot me on there? Wanna play where's MYKO?

As if you didn't know how to reach Burberry.....click here.

Fashion's Night Out 2010!

Are you ready for this year's Fashion's Night Out (FNO)?! The events list are trickling in and I'm getting so excited! Abbot Kinney, Beverly, Melrose, or jetset to one of the other locations? The decisions!!!! Plus, the after parties are a bunch of fun....I promise.

@ Fred Segal, Melrose

Fashion's Night Out is a global initiative sponsored by Vogue and the CFDA to encourage consumer spending and to support the fashion industry during the tough economic climate. Despite the tough economic climate, did we see sad faces out and about last year at FNO 2009? NO WAY! After all, these are fashion people and we do know how to have a good time! Not a fashion person...who cares? COME OUT ANYWAYS.

Follow me on twitter @standeviationco as I will be updating events lists, after parties, etc....as I get them. Don't worry, I'll keep you up to date and will be posting more events on the blog too. It's going to be an exciting two weeks!

Abbot Kinney - FNO 2010

What are your plans for FNO 2010? Let me know if there's something going on too if I've missed something!

For more information:

Are you obsessed with the right things?

The Breast Cancer Foundation of Singapore asks us....Are you obsessed with the right things? Their new campaign makes us do a double take! Illustrator Andy Yang Soo and photographer Allan Ng suggest whether a pimple, bad hair day, big butt, etc even matter when there are much more pressing matters at hand....like Breast Cancer!
Caring IS fashionable. Get into it.

Amazing Illustrator - Mengjie Di

I recently came across a fashion illustrator's blog and I was blown away! Mengjie Di is a master's student in fashion design and a freelance illustrator whose work has appeared in stylesight and for various fashion labels.

I'm particularly drawn to these illustrations because there's such movement and freedom in the line work. I love it! Ink is a great medium...maybe I should do more ink illustrations too...very inspired by her work.

Check out my portfolio here too.... since you are looking at illustration work.  :)

For more, please check out her blog.

Unconditional F/W 2010


Oh it's on Bitches...

Awards shows are always a great place for fashion spotting... but my favorite moment was the opening to this year's EMMY's.

Article @ The LA Time

Fall is just around the corner...

I would 100% rock this look - masculine, slim, cozy. Who said that belting is just for women?!
Can't wait for fall this year...it has just been a ridiculously hot summer.

Original image @ The Sartorialist

Crazy for him!.... ELLE China x Sean O'Pry

Elle China Extra September 2010

Not a surprise...We're crazy for him too! For source, check ELLE CHINA


Brit Brit x Murakami

Britney Spears and Takashi Murakami come together for POP magazine (Pop meets Pop for Pop! Triple POP!) A bit beauty queen and a bit manga Otaku fantasy, it looks interesting to say the least. I remember I was Britney crazy as a youngster and definitely a huge fan of Murakami...is this the best of both worlds? You be the judge.

Rest of the story and editorial pictures at Arrested Motion.

John Wood @ SFMOMA/ Cafe Museo

"Paraphrasing Walt Whitman", 2009, John W Wood
Approximately 138 x 113 inches
Alkyd enamel, tinted clear and regular gesso, pigment stick, mixed crayons, graphite, paint stick, oil pastel on recycled canvas drop cloth.

A close and personal friend of mine is having a one-person show at the SFMOMA's Cafe Museo until September 28th, 2010. His work is abstract and engaging, personal and seductive.

More of his work can be found at his site. JohnWWood

I want to live where they live

Models Matteo Martari & Simone Bredariol by Tomas Falmer for Attitude

A beautifully executed editorial from photographer Tomas Falmer for Attitude magazine, August 2010. Featuring designers like Versace, Kris Van Assche, Givenchy, MMM, and all the heavy hitters. Styling by Frank Strachan...just pure perfection. Very inspired.

More images can be found at Steel Machines.