Numero Homme China: Spring 2012 Menswear Editorial

Model Jakub Nowocien comes together with photographer Txema Yeste for a beautifully saturated editorial for the latest Spring 2012 issue of Numero Homme China.  Clad in Givenchy and Prada to just drop a few names, the focus was definitely on printed matters.

And, if you don't have a printed shirt, pant, or whatevers by now...perhaps you should take a day off from whatever you are doing and go shopping.  (Just a thought)

Obsessed?  A bit!

Side note:  Went and tried on the Givenchy engineered birds of paradise print buttondown shirt and it was pretty amazing on.  Sigh....

Many more images below:

Jas M.B. Spring / Summer 2012 Lookbook

You know that a perfect bag has a certain slouch when one puts it down that makes it just the "IT" bag?  There's just something about the way it sits that makes it so cool and so covetable.  For that reason, I've always been a big fan of British leather brand Jas M.B. for their updated utilitarian bags that have just the perfect amount of slouch.  

Known for their beautiful structure and practicality (read as you'll actually use it!), Jas M.B. have just dropped their Spring / Summer 2012 lookbook.   Here's what I'm eyeing.... 1)Hoof Large Stripe Cold Canvas tote 2)Folios and 3)the backpacks (the yellow one + the olive/black mixed media one)!

Should have bought more at their Taipei store when I was just there but there simply wasn't time.  Good thing you can find them online here.  

Below, find more images.     


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It's been a hectic week back from my trip.  I feel like I've never left.....(not sure that's a good thing).  But, I am glad to be back and sharing with you all again.  

Speaking of which.....

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Above fashion illustration from my portfolio.  I keep forgetting to let everyone know that I am actually a working designer.  Doh!  Feel free to check me out there!

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Taipei, Taiwan - Instagrammed (April 2012)

So the last part of my trip, I headed back to my home Taipei, Taiwan for some relaxation and family time.  It wasn't a very long stay here but I sure made the most of it - saw a bunch of friends, eat a bunch of food (understatement), and shopped a bunch too (well, duh!).

There's just something about Taipei that I connect with, I guess.  I love the people, I love the food, I love the fact I can go to Eslite bookstore at 2 AM!  If given the chance,  I think I would move back... if only there was more of a fashion design industry and a certain someone would hurry up and learn MANDARIN (hint, hint)!  Anyways, it's always good to be in Taipei.  Till next time of course!

Below, find more images of Taipei, Taiwan instagrammed and through the lens of my iPhone 4S.

Arena Homme + : COWBOYS, RANGERS, BULLS Menswear Editorial

Since I work for an American heritage brand, I am always looking for images of "America" to inspire my work (and to use as mood board images...hehe).  This editorial in the latest issue of Arena Homme+ titled Cowboys, Rangers, Bulls shot by John Clang is a modern look at American life.  Shot against photographs of fast-paced city life, models Russell Giardina, David Hlinka, and Chris Petersen are dressed in relaxed, minimal silhouettes with cowboy hats in a palette of neutrals and muted hues.  Fashion editorial it definitely is....but the stark contrast between the relaxed cowboys against the urban backgrounds says so much more about us as a society.

I love the resulting images.  Many more below:


Seoul, Korea - Instagrammed (April 2012)

So, as a part of my Asia vendor/work trip, I was fortunate enough to head over to Seoul, Korea.  It was my first time in Seoul and good thing I had some trusty classmates from my Otis days there working as designers & stylists to give me the lay of the land and most importantly take me eating and shopping.  Oh, and boy, did we eat and shop like it was our last day on earth!  [Hi Jung and Linda!] And of course I worked on setting up new vendors and ran around to several meetings as well.  Busy, busy, busy.

I will have to say Seoul rocked!  I did not expect to like it as much as I did!  Definitely looking forward to my next trip there where it will just be about shopping, shopping, shopping.  Of course, after seeing the sizing of clothes there [all display sizes at A.P.C. were XS for men!!!!], I might need to get on a treadmill non-stop + liquid diet before I go....the price we pay for fashion.  Sigh... haha  

Oh yeah...and apparently I've decided to learn Korean. 안녕하세요!

Some notable shopping spots we hit: Doota (Dongdaemun), Myeongdong, Insa-dong, Apgujeong, Cheongdam, COEX, Itaewon, Sinsa-Dong (Garosu-gil).........Can't wait to go back!!!!!

Below, find Seoul, Korea instagrammed and through the lens of my iPhone 4S.