I got a phone call from Harry Harrison from YMA today. WE ARE FINALISTS!


some illustrations and flats from the project

Excuse the poor copies, didn't really have a chance to properly xerox them before sending them out for judging..but here are some of the illustrations/flats/fabrics for the project.

Outfit 1


Flats 2
Outfit 3

Flats 3

Fabric Story

More Isabel Drapes....more and more inspired!

I'm learning so much about shape, silhouette, and drape from this Isabel project. This has been an eye-opening experience. I should have some illustrations up for next week to show the progress of design- Stay tuned. In the meantime, below, please find some more refined drapes.

Also, I'm adding a portfolio link here... check me out!  

Draped from a garment bag...

Draped from a vest...

Draped from a rope bag...
Same rope bag
garment bag...
garment bag


A collection with Isabel + Patagonia

The link below is to a brief video with Isabel Toledo. My design partner(Keith Hseith) and I (Myko Lin, conceptor of StandardDeviation) are so excited and honored to be working with Isabel and Rueben Toledo + Patagonia though Otis' mentorship program to create a collection. Yes, it will be menswear! I can't wait to show you some of the art work generated from this project.

Isabel Toledo: Fashion From the Inside Out


In fact, here are some of the drapes so far using different forms of bags as a starting point.

I can't wait for the end result!!! So inspired!

Some inspirations for Spring 2010

The collection is entitled, "Transparency". The inspiration is based on the idea of transparency play and modern architecture. There's been a lot of talk of transparency these days. From politics to social structures, everyone is looking for "transparency".


How many deviations are you from the mean?

The scientific term, Standard Deviation (σ) is the measurement of the dispersion of a set of data from its mean -the more spread apart the data, the higher the deviation. STANDARDDEVIATION or +/- σ will serve in a similar manner, to measure and describe those who fall into those divergences from the mean of fashion in our contemporary lives.

STANDARDDEVIATION's mission is to offer approachable, affordable and inclusive design-led luxury clothing to a global market place. Furthermore, to harmoniously synthesize sportswear, streetwear, and activewear influences with a refined civility using clean and modern lines balanced by meticulous attention to craftsmanship and nostalgia for classic tailored elements.

Follow STANDARDDEVIATION on twitter @StanDeviationCo

STANDARDDEVIATION is a project in process by Myko Lin

SDC inc, LLC


The YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund and Geoffrey Beene

The YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund and The Geoffrey Beene Foundation have formed a five-year strategic alliance to further their mutual goals of expanding support for students seeking careers in the fashion industry. The Geoffrey Beene Foundation will contribute $2 Million to the fund over the next five years. The pledge is in addition to the $1 Million contributed by the Foundation in 2006.

Beginning in 2008, the YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund will award the Geoffrey Beene National Scholarship to four enterprising students majoring in fashion and related disciplines. These $25,000 scholarships will be given annually to the most outstanding students identified at the Fund’s 26 participating colleges and universities across the United States.

Myko Lin, a Senior at Otis College of Art and Design is competing for this year's scholarship.