Band Of Outsider Spring/Summer 2011 Presentation

The Spring/Summer 2011 presentation of LA based Band Of Outsiders was held at the Ace Hotel...what a perfect match! See what Tim Blanks wrote about Band:

Scott Sternberg is breeding a fashion family. First came Band of Outsiders Man, his nostalgic but twisted take on preppy dressing. It was followed a couple of years ago by Boy, a tomboy-worthy collection of menswear-inspired clothes for women. Today, Sternberg celebrated his new arrival, Girl, with a wide-ranging presentation that underscored what a subtle but undeniable force he has become in American fashion.

The designer insisted he liked the psychosexual tension between his three groupings. Still, he gave his guys a break this season by loosening up the menswear a little. A suede blouson trimmed in navy and red or an olive green military shirt with matching sweatshorts verged on butch for Band. Sternberg also injected a note of the surreal—pajamas under a blazer, for instance—that felt more like film than fashion. Perhaps that’s why guest Baz Luhrmann, who knows from kinetics, noted that, when the line between art, fashion, film, and music is blurred as successfully as it is in Sternberg’s presentations, it would be delicious to take it up a notch further and add a little movement.

- Tim Blanks

Below, find my favorite looks from the presentation.

Honestly, I don't think I was 100% in love with this collection. In fact, I felt like I wasn't really look at Band of Outsiders for some reason. Below, find looks that I really really didn't get. Maybe it really was just my fashion senses off kilter.....probably not though!

Source: Hypebeast

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