Question: The Man Clutch?

It's not a new concept but the "Man Clutch" has definitely been making its way back into the sartorial rounds.  With technology getting smaller and smaller, eg. ipads, tablets, blackberrys, iphones, etc... men are inclined to carry less and in smaller bags.  In fact, when I was on vacation last week, I spend a better part of that week scouring all the boutiques to find a suitable one for me.  Even my go-to MAN BAG stores (Bottega Veneta, Dior Homme, Hermes, YSL) did not have what I needed.  Also, the search for the coveted Celine clutch ended with a "No, Celine is not carried in the states anymore.  Blame NY!" (SHOCK + HORROR!)  I ended up at Balenciaga where the only comparable version is their laptop bag.  What's a boy to do?!  Perhaps I may have to just make one!

What are your thoughts on the subject?  Would you rock a clutch?  Are you man enough to carry a man clutch?!

Below, find amazing inspirations from around the world carried by some of the most fashionable and stylish menswear icons.


Seneca said...

Man clutch? I'm all for it! I started carrying a vintage Burberry men's clutch a couple years ago. It gets SO much attention. Most of the guys in these pics are carrying what's considered to be document bags/portfolios though.

Myko said...

Hi Seneca,

Would you say the document/portfolio would be a good entry into the MAN CLUTCH category?

I'm currently carrying a Ferragamo clutch (a real business man clutch style) and switch it out into a bigger document from both Pierre Hardy and Mulberry (cause they fit the laptop).

I think both are great way to go!

dL said...


Do you happen to know what brand is that clutch bag, in the fourth picture from the top (showing a man in black leather jacket, carrying a brown soft-leather fold-over clutch)?

Thank you.



Myko said...

You're right....it's a man clutch.

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