Tomas Maier, Caroline Herrera, and Mystery Designer for H&M?!

Could it be true? Tomas Maier (Chief Creative Director of Bottega Veneta and his own luxury namesake line) and Carolina Herrera to be the next designers to do a capsule collaboration with the swedish fast fashion house H&M?

H&M released this teaser video on their facebook page....it is for sure Tomas Maier! Well, we won't know for sure until Sept. 9th...but come on....duh! Is it all a trick? The second video seems to be Carolina....but is it?! And who is the mystery designer in the third video?! I must know!

With fast fashion dominating the global fashion market place right now....H&M is leading the pack. Can't wait for Sept. 9 to find out who these collabs are!

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