So we're back! Well, I'm back....

Yes, I'm back. Standard Deviation is going to be a personal blog now....can you feel the excitement? 95% sure it'll be about fashion, art and culture with a bit of my life thrown in the mix. This post is mostly about catching you up...on me.....here we go!

It's been an amazing ride since January and the awards ceremony. I graduated from Otis College of Art and Design at the Top of my class and with honors. I also broke Otis fashion history by obtaining the first ever perfect GPA...4.0! I couldn't believe it when the program told me that in the 30 years or so since Otis' inception, no one has ever achieved that level of excellence....such craziness!! I'm thinking of getting something tattooed on my body to remind me of the recording breaking event...maybe on my arm so when I look down, I can remind myself that I CAN achieve the unobtainable in times of self doubt. TOO POETIC?! Perhaps.

Since graduation, I went back to Asia to visit family and friends. Also, I went to Shanghai for WORLD EXPO 2010. It was an amazing experience and the buildings within the expo themselves were AMAZING. In fact, much of Shanghai's architecture is very inspiring. Many more photos on my flickr...click here.

China Pavillion
Spanish Pavillion
English Pavillion

And now I'm back in LA, job hunting for that illusive contemporary menswear job (more on this subject later.). Currently, still freelancing at a couple of companies and have taken a position as a Director of Creative Services. It's an exciting new job and I'm learning tremendously. A part of me is still dying to get into contemporary...in the meantime, please check out my portfolio!

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