Sugar Cane & Co. Fall / Winter 2010 2nd Delivery Lookbook

Why is it that there are times when I feel like only non-American brands can do "Americana" well?! This second drop view of Sugar Cane and Co.'s Fall/Winter 2010 lookbook is definitely workwear inspired and it's full of pieces that scream "Americana" yet it is still extremely modern and wearable.

From Sugar Cane's website:

"We have thoroughly analyzed our forerunners jeans from the 1900 ’ s in chronicle order from yarn, dye, weave and construction to components . We have with us the actual results of fabric woven and colour fade test on the original pants worn. In order to create our own original jeans, it took over 20 years of research. To perfectly reproduce denim fabrics from 50 to 100 years ago in today ’ s advanced period is extremely difficult. To begin with we had to look for old power looms that had worked to weave denim fabric in those days, restore them and adjust them to weave the fabric we have. It was not easy to revive the old machines that disappeared a long time ago due to rationalization. Nowadays, the old power looms are not so unusual but in the early research stage, satisfactory fabrics could not be woven on the old looms found. It was a joint operation with the weaver of trial and failure and advanced step by step.
‘ Sugar Cane ’ denim by traditional Japanese dyeing techniques by hand and not by machine. The first model ‘ Sugar Cane Awa ’ is made of sugar cane denim dyed by Awa indigo. Awa used to be one of the popular places producing indigo, located in the western part of Japan. The second model ‘ Sugar Cane Okinawa ’ is made of sugar cane fibre and indigo produced in the region of Okinawa, Japan. The third model ‘ Sugar Cane Hawaii ’ is made from sugar cane and indigo imported from Hawaii."
More images below:

Source: Swipelife

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