"Typographic Ballet" - Artist Ebon Heath

I need these pieces from Ebon Heath in my loft. But then I'll probably have to get a bigger loft....just so I can get enough visual resting space. Amazing typographic work none the less.

From Hypebeast:

Last month, American artist Ebon Heath debuted his special creative concept known as “Typographic Ballet”. In doing so, he effectively combined the static two-dimensional world of print and typography with a living platform. In association with his live exhibition at MADE in Berlin, he has now released four prints outlining his work. Each print is laser cut and measures in at 60 cm x 95 cm (approximately 24 in x 35 in). For more details and availability, head over to the MADE blog. A stunning video recap of the Typographic Ballet night can be seen via hypebeast.tv."

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