The Evolution of The Levi's® Trucker Jacket - Short Film

Not as iconic nor does it have the same heritage as the 501...the Levi's Trucker jacket has been getting a lot of attention from collaboration capsules as of late. From Opening Ceremony to Pendleton, and from Stussy & Neighborhood to Billy Reid, the Trucker jacket has been reinvented and retooled yet it still maintains the spirit and the essense of the original. In this short film, "The Evolution of The Levi's Trucker Jacket", Levi's shows us the origins of this classic piece and its evolution through culture and design throughout America and the world.

It's good to know your history.

From Levi's:

"First built out of heavy duty riveted denim in 1967. Later constructed from corduroy, leather and canvas. Lined with wool or sherpa for colder weather. Customized, cut-off, and worn-in by workers everywhere. The Levi's Trucker jacket endures. This year, Levi's collaborated with a selection of today's pioneering brands and designers to explore the iconic garment, building it in new fabrications, adding functional elements and tweaking the details. All jackets have been designed and hand built by craftsman in the USA. Although many purists would argue that the Trucker is best in the traditional rigid denim, then worn in over decades of hard work, these special edition jackets prove that there are still many more places to go with the Trucker."

Enjoy the film:

Source: Levi's

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