Shopping List: Christian Louboutin Denim Rollerball Spikes

Ever since one of my best friends bought the original Christian Louboutin spiked loafer, I've been very jealous and mad at myself for not getting them when I had the chance. When I first saw the original spike loafers, I was very skeptical as to who would actually buy it. After seeing them in action and trying them on, I realized.....that I WOULD.

The Denim Rollerball Spikes is a Spring/Summer 2011 release from Christian Louboutin. The slip-ons will come in denim with spike detailis throughout the entire uppers, complemented with wood outsoles. The price on these is set at $1,245 USD, with availability through Christian Louboutin.

Maybe this is a must for my future shopping list. Or maybe I'm losing it. What do you think?

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