GAP finally has a pop-up. After the whole logo fiasco earlier this year, they probably thought it was a good idea to actually do something "cool" for a change. So, GAP teamed up with COOL HUNTING (GAP X COOL HUNTING) for a NYC pop up just in time for the Holiday 10 season.

However, this isn't a whole store of GAP products just done in a cool way. This pop up is bringing together from independent companies based in the New York region with items hand-picked using the principles of innovative design, artisan craftsmanship, social and environmental consciousness by the editors of Cool Hunting.

I've been following Cool Hunting for quite some time now and this curated collection sounds awesome. Perhaps this is the start of the return to region products and specialities. Let's hope so! Everything is too...the same now.

The Pop-up is located at Gap's project space on 5th avenue between 53rd and 54th.

Side note: In this time of internet, twitter, social media...blah blah blah, I'm really happy that we are looking at artisan craftsmanship. If we lose that....we have nothing. Just sayin'.

More images below:

Source: Hypebeast

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