Taipei, Taiwan - Instagrammed (April 2012)

So the last part of my trip, I headed back to my home Taipei, Taiwan for some relaxation and family time.  It wasn't a very long stay here but I sure made the most of it - saw a bunch of friends, eat a bunch of food (understatement), and shopped a bunch too (well, duh!).

There's just something about Taipei that I connect with, I guess.  I love the people, I love the food, I love the fact I can go to Eslite bookstore at 2 AM!  If given the chance,  I think I would move back... if only there was more of a fashion design industry and a certain someone would hurry up and learn MANDARIN (hint, hint)!  Anyways, it's always good to be in Taipei.  Till next time of course!

Below, find more images of Taipei, Taiwan instagrammed and through the lens of my iPhone 4S.

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