Shanghai, China - Instagrammed Part I (March - April 2012)

Well, I am finally back from my work trip to Asia.  On this trip, I visited Shanghai, Seoul, back to Shanghai, then off to Taipei.  It's been a very productive and fashionable trip - visiting existing vendors/factories, setting up new factories, and also facilitating/running some partner meetings.  Catching up with old friends/designers and meeting new fashion people.  All in all, I'm exhausted but satisfied....and judging from my photos, extremely FULL!

I feel like every time we go on a trip, especially a long and challenging one, we learn a lot about ourselves and our priorities.  I sure did learn a lot about what I wanted to accomplish and have re-affirmed my goals and dreams.  Now, I need to get going and start chasing them more proactively!!!!  And again, if you are a VC or an Angel investor....let's get in contact!  :)

And jet lag?  Nope, not here!  Already back to work and finished another big project in record time.  Sigh....I need a real vacation soon.  Ain't no rest for the wicked huh?

Anyhoo, here's part I of the China part of my trip - instagrammed and through the eyes of my iPhone 4S.  Part II of China, Seoul, and Taipei to follow throughout the week.


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