Irons & Ducks - Vintage Never Looked So Good.

While I was in Vegas for Magic/ENK/Capsule a couple of weeks ago, one of the pleasant surprises was Irons & Ducks at (Capsule). Founded in the streets and alleys of Long Beach, CA, David Palos turned his weekend hobby into a full time enterprise. I had the chance to talk to David and see his pieces close up.

Each piece is unique and has a life to them. These one-of-a-kind industrial furniture/art have a history that you just can't find at any Pottery Barn/Crate&Barrel/Restoration Hardware. A lot of hard work and raw talent has gone into the buying and re-furbishing of these vintage industrial furniture. Plus, you need to have a great eye to spot these gems in their deteriorated state...and David definitely showed he has that.

(Capsule) and Stylesight announced a partnership to bring you Vintage by Stylesight and this was one of many magnificent finds Stylesight was able to introduce to the show. Others were Orange Crush Imports, Strongham Clothing & Supply Company, and Heller's Cafe.

There are so many pieces I want from Irons & Ducks....

Source: Stylesight

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