BUILDING FASHION - Fashion X Architecture

Opening September 9th, 2010, Building Fashion will celebrate cutting edge designs under the High Line @ HL23. A series of temporary installations will examine the intersection of architecture and fashion through store design and exhibition concepts. Amongst the designers that will be showcased here is Simon Spurr, who was named as GQ's Best New Menswear Designer 2008 and a CFDA Menswear Swarovski Award nominee in 2010.

Hosted by Boffo and Spilios Gianakopoulos, the exhibit will pair fashion designers with architectects to design one of a kind indoor and outdoor spaces that will act to accent and enhance their designs, thus examining the relationship of 3D store environment and its impact on creating strong and impactful brand and vision statements. Although temporary, these exhibits will far transcend the idea of a "pop-up".

In my own designs, in examining fit, form, and function.... one can't help but look towards architecture as a major source of inspiration. Also, this is an exhibit for those who don't have their own freestanding stores ....sigh. Maybe in a couple of years....I'll be here.

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