JOYCE Presents: Interviews by Diane Pernet – Yohji Yamamoto

In an on-going series of interviews by JOYCE presents, Diane Pernet interviews influential and iconic Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto.  Yohji talks about his unique fashion perspective and avante garde designs as well as the future of fashion, more specifically the growth of the Chinese market and the position China will one day in the immediate future hold in the world.  

I very much agree with him about the alarming rate at which the Chinese market is growing.  In the last couple of year, I've had the fortune to visit China on many occasions and the rapid pace of advancement is quite incredible.  Shanghai of 2006 is very much different from the Shanghai of last summer in 2010 for the WORLD EXPO when I was last there.

Amazing insight from an amazing designer.  Must watch!

Source: Hypebeast

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