Finding America : The Stronghold - VIDEO

"The Stronghold is an American heritage denim brand that takes its inspiration from the years 1895 to 1949. Originally, The Stronghold was first established in 1895 and became the very first denim brand manufactured in Los Angeles.

The company later died out and Michael Paradise took it upon himself to start a reproduction line, celebrating old world workmanship, selvage fabric and details of the original, to achieve a timeless style, fit and finish.

This short film below gives you all an introduction into The Stronghold and shows off some behind the scenes type footage of the jeans being made. We also get a few looks at his store in California, which looks really great in itself."

I strongly suggest that if you are ever in the Abbey Kinney area, to visit The Stronghold.  Easily one of the coolest shops on the stripe.  Everytime I'm in there, I'm tempted to buy, whether it's the custom accessories, denim, or the vintage eyewear.

Watch the video titled FINDING AMERICAN: THE STRONGHOLD to hear Michael Paradise speak about the brands and get a behind the scenes look at the way denim is (and should be) made.

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