Yang Na - Chinese Neo Pop artist

From Van Cleve Fine Art Museum:

"Yang Na's ideal woman is drawn from a global cultural landscape of mass media and consumption, cartoons, movies, videos, Internet games and toys. The woman in her paintings especially resembles the avatars (the word "avatar" derives from the Sanskrit term Avatara, meaning "incarnation") of online chat rooms and virtual games. As participants in these Internet communities we can create our physical identities by selecting from a menu of features, hairstyles and clothing. With her turned-up nose, blue-black eyes and rouged complexion, Yang Na's alter ego is not identifiable as being from any particular place or having a particular ethnicity. Rather, she is a composite of a commercial visual language of what is considered "sexy" and "trendy." In adopting hyper-sexualized attributes for her physical persona, the real Yang Na can indulge her fantasies about what it might be like to live a more uninhibited life, free from moral strictures and consequences."

I love the intensity and the subject of her work very much. Find her bio here

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