A.P.C. X Carhartt

French label and a personal favorite of mine, A.P.C. gets super workwear-ized with this collaboration with Carhartt. A.P.C. X Carhartt even came up with a clever logo for this collaboration...love it! (isn't it weird that before the GAP logo disaster, many people did not pay attention to a brand's logo?!)

Jean Touitou, founder of A.P.C., had this to say:

"Carhartt is in many ways the epitomy of the endless golden west, so brilliantly portrayed by Woody Guthrie, and which has been with us for so long. Wandering towards glory, a journey which is to take you away forever, and lonely teardrops will be shed along the path.

Pioneer spirit, gold digger...to tell you the truth, I have never thought much of these myths, and I find them somewhat nauseating. Nevertheless, its uniform has always meant hitting home base for A.P.C. I have always tried to emulate this viewpoint that, when convenience is really to the point, the outcome is genuinely beautiful."

Find more imagery below:

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