Cy Choi Spring / Summer 2013 Menswear Lookbook

Seeing Korean Designer Cy Choi Spring / Summer 2013 menswear collection this morning pretty much made my day (and mentally bankrupted me).  So many things to covet, from the outerwear, to the knitwear, to the pleated loose fitting trousers.   The collection titled SPECTRUM is inspired by a number of scientific phenomenon such as Collision & Resistance and Refraction & Diffusion (read below for description of each phenomenon from the designer).  I love the dark colors mixed in with the pops of bright rainbow-esque details.  Also, the variegated black and white stripes almost remind me of the doppler effect.... yes I'm am a huge nerd!

From the designer:

Spectrum: the spectrum is the range of different colors which is produced when light passes through a glass prism or through a drop of water.  A rainbow shows the colors in the spectrum.  

Collision & Resistance: the light should be passed throughout a prism to get the spectrum. In the process, the light collides with the prism blocking the way of it.  Here's resistance; colliding two objects try to maintain their attribute.  As a result, it may be created something new or erupted subconscious possibility.  Resistance from the collision inevitable generates creative energy.

Refraction & Diffusion: It is formed and comes in sight of refraction and diffusion, from collision and resistance.  This activity has a similarity to Dialectics; thesis, antithesis, synthesis.  The former is about the moment of objects, and the latter, the development of thoughts.  Synthesis includes the resistance between thesis and antithesis, unifies two, and finally creates new idea.  Like this, the refraction between collision and resistance spreads the creative movements.

Not exactly fully accurate and definitely not Peer Review/Publication ready, but it's okay 'cause the collection is so great!

Ugh....F/W12 isn't even here yet and I'm already looking forward to SS13!

Many looks below:

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