Cy Choi Fall / Winter 2012 Menswear Lookbook

Korean label Cy Choi Fall / Winter 2012 menswear collection is titled BALLOONIST.  Inspired by freedom and exploration, the collection offers a range of structured tailored pieces juxtaposed against minimalistic layering.  A slight military undertone with a very muted palette, it's definitely a collection we can see ourselves wearing, especially the outerwear offerings.

From Cy Choi:

"Freedom; The people floating in the sky by the balloon risen not by electric power but by static buoyancy. They are completely free… Free from the domination of gravity, cliche routines, and even something already defined.
It makes them to be in much higher, and possible to see our land with much fresher view. Otherness; The freedom comes from the otherness and the dissimilarity. Resisting the force of gravity the free balloon is unhurriedly floating away and has permission of freedom. However, simultaneously it is firmly isolated by itself. Except for against the Nature up there, all the people can do is constant thinking with different perspective. It might be the reason we have had the great ideas from the lonely artists and philosophers.”

Looks below.

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