Thom Browne Fall / Winter 2012 Menswear Runway + Video

Macabre, punk, studs and electric chairs usually aren't words that one would associate with American sportswear, but in Thom Bowne latest collection, they make a perfectly theatrical fantasy.  Dubbed as "Herman Munster chic", Fall / Winter 2012 menswear runway take an interesting journey into fantastical plays in proportion and concepts.

One could say that it's not wearable.  Yes, I agree and he's getting a lot of unnecessary heat for this collection.  PEOPLE - runways are meant to be theatrical and get press!  And based on the amount of press written about this, Thom Browne is a marketing/branding genius!  And of course his actual line will be in normal proportions and be commercial and WILL SELL.  That's just the way it works!

Sometimes fashion is just that.... a fantasy.  Sit back, relax, and try and enjoy the spectacle.

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