InAisce Fall / Winter 2012 Collection Lookbook

New York based anti-trend brand InAisce's Fall / Winter 2012 collection makes me feel like I just entered a super chic version of the kung fu novels that I use to read as a child.  I use to imagine I was one of the MA experts with my hair up in a bun and straw hat drawn over my eyes wondering and conquering the martial arts world with my weapon mastery.  A rurouni...if you will.

With Justin Passmore as one of the martial arts experts, the looks are strong in silhouette and in proportions.  Expertly shot by Xi Sinsong against a somber/subdued grey background, the focus is on the beautifully artisanal showing of the dark, the modern, and the architectural.

Definitely reminds me of the way I dressed in my 20s....dark (mostly in black), sculptural, and textural.  Perhaps it's time to ditch the modern prep look I've been sporting these days and revisit this chic way of dressing again.

Many covetable things.  Looks below:

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