Odyn Vovk Fall / Winter 2011 Commerical

Los Angeles based Odyn Vovk offers an intimate glimpse into the forthcoming Fall/Winter 2011 collection with a behind-the-scenes video into the design process.  Austin Sherbanenko is definitely one of most interesting designers in LA and most of his leather based label is made by him through his own self-taught hands.  I also love the fact that he still does hand drawn flats.  You can tell a lot about a designer through their hand drawn flats - so personal.

Cinematically beautiful and inspirational, the "commercial" titled SPIRAL is a must watch.

“My work reflects on my youth and being inspired by anything that sparks my curiosity. The collection is designed without the structured direction that a hard lined story would offer. I have a much more spontaneous approach. Ideas pop into my head and I follow the ones worth following.” 
-Austin Sherbanenko-

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