Toby Jones - "Lonely Hearts Club" Fall / Winter 2010 Accessories Collection

I love this concept/collection from Australia based accessories brand Toby Jones.


"Tarnished and tested but sturdy and true like the finest lock. Lonely Hearts Club, The 5th collection from Toby Jones, combines bold construction and fine mechanical detail with playful nostalgia and erotic symbolism. Bearing the hallmarks of industrial era strength and turn of the century romance, the collection tells the tale of a clandestine group with keys to a city. The streets are their homes but beds they know many. A broody bunch of bandits, poets, thieves, and swordsmen, who rob from the rich and drink with the poor, they steal gold from the finest and hearts from the fairest.

In short it is a tale about the complex task of unlocking the simpler things in life."

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