GQ + GAP Best New Menswear Designers In America 2012 Collaboration

I was out shopping for work today and I just happened to step into the GAP.  It's definitely been a while since I've walked into the GAP (because it's usually a snore-fest)  but I was very pleasantly surprised to walk straight into the GQ + GAP's BEST NEW MENSWEAR DESIGNERS IN AMERICA 2012 collaboration collection (literally, I was so distracted that I almost ran into the display because I was in the middle of a conference call with my boss... oops!).

That little snafu aside, the exclusive collections with BLK DNM, Ian Velardi, Mark McNairy New Amsterdam, Ovadia & Sons, Saturdays NYC, Todd Snyder, Comune, and Shades Of Gray by Micah Cohen are all available now.  Many of my favorite contemporary menswear brands can be found in this shop-in-shop concept within the GAP which for a second, I thought I had walked into Bloomies / Barneys.

Now, this is a reason to FALL INTO THE GAP.  

MEMO TO SELF: Can't wait till I get my label up and running....and to be recognized as one of the best new menswear designers in America too!!!

Video about the collaboration below:

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