MANMADE NATURAL Fall / Winter 2012 Menswear Lookbook

Love these lookbook images form Chinese menswear label Manmade Natural for Fall / Winter 2012.  Fusing Chinese traditional aesthetic with an understanding of western clothing history and paintings, the collection is wonderfully crafted and oh so cool.    Below excerpt is from their website:

M.N's ehereal designs are inspired by the fusion of chinese and western culture, multiple expressions of technical, and practiced handcrafts from ever-evolving surroundings.

Fusing the chinese traditional artistic, understanding with western clothing history and painting, the collections introduce the designer's personal aesthetic in the world of fashion  Flowing volumes cutting, and spirit with fabrics, multi=printing and washing etc, in exquisite and carefully selected fabrics, characterized MANMADE NATURAL'S spheres.

M.N. is also a kind of Lab Fusion, rather an urge to exploiting techniques to perfection, which is expressing reveals the true design behind the garments industry.  Achieving a pure esthetic can be difficult as there are many elements to consider.

Enjoy.   Many more images below:

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