Patrick Braun - Fashion Meets Art Graduate Menswear Collection

Recently came across the graduate work of Patrick Braun and found it very interesting.  In his thesis collection at the University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld,  he re-examines the idea of art and it's relationship to fashion.  In a collection titled, EUPHORIA AND FEAR, MODERNITY AND DYNAMISM, BRILLIANCE AND SPEED, SUPERFICIALITY AND TRANSIENCE, he transforms 1950s family portraits with mixed media techniques into "graphic" for apparel.  The pieces can then transform back into illustrations/artwork on stretcher as pieces of art.

Interesting.  So are we to view these as art or as fashion?  I guess this can open a whole can of worms with the idea of commercial art vs. high fashion.... something to think about!  Everything is a bit to commercial nowadays isn't it?

Something different and self examining... I love it.

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