Scheltens And Abbenes Photography

The photography of Scheltens and Abbenes is very intriguing and beautiful.  Using fabric and clothes as abstract media to create graphic images is a very novel concept and the results are astonishing.  Definitely will make someone do a double-take.

From the website:
"This work is the sum of two talents, a still life photographer Maurice Scheltens and the creativity of the visual artist Liesbeth Abbenes, artistic couple in real life. Their specialty is to organize objects meticulously with a technical perfection that makes you forget you are looking at clothes, chairs, accessories .. because instead of presenting objects as simple marketable products, they organically handled them by creating abstract compositions, full of textures, colors and clean lines, with a strong pictorial and graphic influence.
Scheltens & Abbenes have worked for large companies such as Vitra, Hermes, COS and Viktor & Rolf and for magazines like Fantastic Man, Wallpaper or New York Times Style Magazine."

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