Dainius Bendikas - INFINITE WE ARE Menswear Lookbook

I love this new project from young Lithuanian costume and menswear designer Dainius Bendikas titled INFINITE WE ARE.  Taking inspiration from the idea of "extraterrestrial", strong lines, theatrical touches and beautiful/functional details are what makes this project a standout.  Suede, distressed leathers and exaggerated knitwear in a neutral/almost otherworldly color palette just makes the already beautiful collection even more so.  

To say I'm obsessed....is an understatement.  From the details, I love the pattern/cutting work.  Why have a normal seam when you can have more interesting ones!  Check out his website as there are many other very, very inspirational projects.  SO INSPIRED!!!

For the modern, nomadic, otherworldly modern man.  More looks below.  

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